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Jul 20, 2011
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Just playing and testing new "tools" to bring something else into my style.

what you think?


Its not mastered, since it is my first try :p
The execution isn't there, but you know that and I'm sure it'll get better.

I'm pretty sure that I'm disliking the idea, though, not the execution. This is the sort of thing that could be a fad look, a kind of outré "look at me" gimmick, but since it doesn't seem to really serve the picture, I don't think it deserves to stick around long.

How can you make a big mass of plastic work with the picture, instead of just being a big.. thing? Can you put the models in brightly colored shiny plastic jewelry? Or clothes? Or somehow pull together coherent theme in which the "and even her HAIR has been replaced with brilliantly colored plastic" becomes the apex? I think that could definitely work as a style.
As much as I would love to love this, I do not even "like" it. The plastic and the woman are simply not coming together...there seems to be no unification of these two elements--the nude figure and the plastic hair just don't seem to be pairing well.
She's cute though .. ;)

Minus the plastic ..
I think the whole effect is kind of over done at this point.
Is this an advertisement for paint?
Sherwin Williams: Cover the Naked Models
I think it's a cool idea. I think I see it as you testing something out, you're not trying to do any more than that. I say stick with whatever it is yo're doing, as it looks like you're getting the hang of it.

Only thing I see is the DOF is off with the plasticy part, but I think it's a neat effect for when you decide to actually use it for more than a test.
yes, it is just a test if I can do it or not. And my conclusion it can be done, just need to tweak the material to get it more real. Something I did not want to use time for a simple test. Seccond is to make the material to behave as the real thing I want to mimic. Its freaking difficult but getting the hang of that :p

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