Thanks to everyone who provided advice regarding a commission I had to take Photographs for a local Naked Charity Calendar


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Sep 23, 2022
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Hi all,

I posted on here a few months ago from my old account asking for advice on undertaking a photography commission I had to take shots for a local Naked Charity Calendar as I was very nervous about doing it. I completed the shoot last week so I thought I would share my experience.

I am retired and have taken up hobby in Photography as ad-hoc work in my retirement. I live in a village and the Village Hall Association had decided to undertake a Naked Charity Calendar with residents to raise money for a local Hospice.

I was excited (but very nervous) about undertaking this commission as it is something that I had never done before, but after seeking advice from Photography friends and forums I felt much more relaxed and undertook the shoots on Sunday. I had nothing to worry about in the end as it all went so smoothly, and everyone was so considerate and great to work with.

One of my neighbours and friend, Jasmine, was a model for the Calendar and she has given me permission to post a picture of our shoot together. If anyone is considering branching out and taking commissions for Naked Charity Calendars, I would 100% recommend! It may seem like you are stepping out of your comfort zone but it is such an enjoyable experience for everyone whist raising funds for a fantastic cause. The shoot with Jasmine was taken in her kitchen. Her husband is on the Village Hall Association committee and works closely with the amazing Hospice we are supporting.

All the best and happy to answer any questions,

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I have never heard of this and will have to research it, probably when my wife isn’t about because she’d never believe searching naked pictures is a charity event😅
It sounds as though it went well. There is no image or link to your images. But charity work is always rewarding.

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