The attack of the oranges


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Jun 6, 2006
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Love the colors on the black background! Kinda want an orange now.
Would have made more sense if one green apple was seen peeking out of a bunch of oranges.

The flash/light source is too harsh.
It is strange and might not be doing this photo any justice, but what jumps at me is the fact that the foremost of the gree apples is bruised. Such a pity. Takes away from the photo...

And the "oranges" are mandarines, I should say, and yes, it would have made the whole concept funnier, if there really was only just ONE green (totally unbruised) apple amonst a bunch of whichever-sort-of-orange-coloured citrus fruit.
I am partial to the bruised apple. Of course most fruit here in CO this time of year carries the trademark.

I can feel the orange rinds. Well done!
lol thanks all, thank you LaFoto for pointing that out... i only actually noticed after i posted it on here... lol, im not fussed, i know there still "orange" at the end of the day :D.
No flash used, just placed the bowl on the side in the kitchen, we have a big bay window. Yeah i might remove some of those apples for the next time, if there is one, those *mandarines are going quick lol
Cheers guys

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