The Canon 7D MKII is the Nikon D300 Replacement We All Wanted


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Oct 16, 2012
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As a former D300 owner I was always hoping for a replacement of one of the best cameras on the market. A rugged relatively low cost crop sensor camera that punched way above it's weight. We never got one so I switched to Canon. Now after 2 months with the MKII I have finally realized it was the camera I was always waiting for Nikon to come out with. It's somewhat cheap, great weatherproofing, fast AF and super fast buffer/FPS.

Now I am not a brand snob but it's nice to see a niche being filled by one of the two companies.
Yeah, wish nikon offered something similar. I picked up the d7200 to use as my wildlife body, but it's just...meh.
Some of the 7D M1 users were also waiting for the upgrade (some could not wait and went to 5dm3).
Shot 3-4 football games with a T3i before trading it for a used 7D and wondered why I didn't do it sooner. Shot 1 game with the 7D mk ii and wondering why I need to keep the 7D. Very happy with this camera.
I have a D300 for sale if you really miss it :D :D :D

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