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The Lookout


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May 10, 2007
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Slapamonkey, New York
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Taken (handheld) with Vivitar 400mm on Canon EF, ASA 800
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preytel is it purposely purple? produced perhaps in post processing? the pretty pigeon seems perched quite proudly, the parapet is a perfect place to preen. It provides practical protection from pesky private-school pre-teens parading in public pathways, prepared to punt those placid pickwickian poltroons! And perchance providence may provide some punk, plodding pedantically aneath the playful bird, and present him the possibility to poop therupon! Although he's puffed with pride, the pedestrian, pleased is not. And so, people's profound prejudice prevails. Poor Pigeon.
preytel is it purposely purple? produced perhaps in post processing?

It's naturally purple to some extent, there is some purple casting to it because I suck in Photoshop but around the neck, Peigoens like the one seen here have a iridescent plumage due to having structural color as opposed to pigmentation. The plumage turns a purpleish pink when the light hits it. That was what I was looking to capture with this actually, but he was such a great model, he saw me and hammed it up.

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