The Many Faces of Leaves @Templer's Park

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    It's been ages since I last visited Templer's Park Jungle Waterfall. Two days ago, I revisited Templer's Park hoping to recollect some childhood memories.

    Here are some close-up shots from my trip:

    Picture 1 - Green Blades


    This is a close-up shot of a green plant illuminated by the sunlight.
    I really love the natural green glow visible on the leaves.

    Picture 2 - Mr. Spiky says "Welcome mylo!"


    This plant was infected with patches of white coloured fungus. Look
    carefully. What do you see? I saw Mr. Spiky raising his hand...perhaps
    waving and welcoming me to the jungle

    Picture 3 - Wilted


    The jungle was carpeted with thousands of dead leaves.

    Picture 4 - Matured & Ready to Grow :yahoo:


    These brown coloured sporangiums were matured. The spore casings
    will burst anytime dispersing hundreds of spores.



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