The New Year, Starts HERE!

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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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So! Some of you are STILL celebrating christmas! BUT as christmas floats on into the new year, what are you preparing to do?

My dad was scottish, they are bigger on New Years than Christmas up there and I always preferred the New Years rather than the Christmas's - I lost my dad over the new year period a few years back, it doesnt really make me sad or anything over the holidays but it does give me something to drink to and a time to remember him as he would have wanted to be remembered and everything - so i have a drink to him and i celebrate the new years!

This year i'm going to be spending New Year with my husband and my son, in America. I fly out on Friday (airports, planes and fogs permitting) and come back mid January!

Last New Years I was all in the bathroom having a pee at the stroke of midnight. How romantic!

This year i'm going to make sure i'm all gettin my New Years Kissage from the hubby! RAR!

What are you up to?
no plans, I have no life.
We're having a few friends over (around 10 friends) for a pajama party! We started this a few years ago and then skipped a couple years. Looking forward to it again.
now this sounds like something interesting :)

why don't you invite me as well? ;)
uhm, flights might be very expensive if i book now ....

any females attending? ;)

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