They came up with 41MP camera now...


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Nov 19, 2009
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I hope I am not violating the forum rules with the following link. I am not trying to help advertise this product but a friend of mine sent me the link and I thought it would be interesting.

There is obviously a marketing trick in this one. I watched the whole video. Didn't quite understand how they did it but I guess what they were saying is that the phone's camera is digitally enlarging the image by using the high number pixel (in other word, it is showing a 100% crop). Digital zoom trick is nothing new but we all know how bad and grainy the resulting images are due to camera enlarging images beyond its max. resolution capability. But if the camera has a really high megapixel, then I guess the resulting image could look pretty good (as in this camera).
I listened a few times to hear what the sensor size the guys was talking about. Then I did a quick search just to make sure and came up with 1/1.2 inch size. 41megapixels on this tiny sensor will obviously make each pixel a microscopic size.

So let me make one thing clear here before some opening fire on me:)
In no way, I am suggesting that this would be somehow an alternative to real digital SLR cameras because it has high megapixels. I don't care about the number of MPs much. I just wanted to share this. That's it.

P.S. I did a quick search before posting this to see if anyone posted it before. I couldn't see it. If anyone posted this before, my apologies...
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Are those in smart phones?

I went ahead and modified the title to prevent any more misunderstanding. I wasn't trying to say this little tiny 41MP camera reached beyond some other high-end (high $$$) DSLRs cameras. Lol...
There has been a lot of very rash and misinformed comments about this phone on the net the last few days. Most of them along the lines of "Nokia are idiots for doing this" and are made with zero research into why.

Personally I'm excited to see the results of this.

This isn't about the resolution. The point is not to make a camera phone with a 41mpx image. The point is about giving people the ability to do a variety of things with the result. There's a couple of different things this phone can do which blows away the competition:

1) Straight 41mpx shooting with the ability to edit the image afterwards and crop.
2) Amazing digital zoom. Yes the picture gets less sharp as you zoom in, but firstly there's no moving parts and you end up with a f/2.4 lens at all times.
3) Oversampling. The "Pureview" part of the technology is that it does a 7-1 oversampling on the image when it's recorded, and as the creator has stressed in every interview it's fundamentally different from pixel binning. Quite frankly the ISO800 shots I've seen come out of this thing are amazing.

Really this camera is designed to produce damn good 5-8mpx images, and it uses a variety of tricks to get to this point.

This is actually why I'm also really excited about the D800.
Pretty interesting technology. I will be looking forward to seeing it implimented into a dslr in the future.

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