This is important.

Hey, any excuse for candlelight. I'll be 'switching off' for the hour, why not?
I know exactly how many steps and turns it takes to get to the fridge and the toilet in complete darkness. This one hour thing is a piece of cake.
I already have my lights out most of the time. Maybe that hour I will shut down the PC and turn off the TV to do a bit more. But, I will be voting Earth somehow.

This is a bunch of codswallop.

You mean you hope it's a bunch of codswallop.
If it is then we go down in History as a harmless bunch of well-meaning loonies.
But what if it isn't? What if global warming is a fact and we are fast approaching the point of no return? Are you prepared to gamble with the lives of future generations? I'm not. And turning your power off for an hour is a small price to pay for hedging your bets.
After all, we all thought that bankers knew what they were doing and our money was safe in their hands. How wrong did we get that? :lol:
Typical Arizona thinking... :lol:
Sorry Hertz, Global Warming is one subject I do not subscribe to. Sitting here in western New York recovering from yet another consecutive record pushing cold winter season. I am by far more concerned of the cold. Earth is cooling and there is increasing evidence supporting this theroy. I'll leave my lights on as neccessary here.
Let's all think globally not locally. ;)

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