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Discussion in 'Macro Photography' started by Overread, May 2, 2010.

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    MPE65mm at 5:1 + 2*TC + 2*TC + full set of kenko tubes
    That is 20:1 macro before the tubes are added

    MPE65mm at 5:1 + 2*TC + 2*TC + full set of kenko tubes + Raynox DCR250
    I think we are well past 20:1 macro now!

    Subject is a UK 10p coin on its side (the black line is a dividing line in the ridge edging of the coin)

    I got bored so I stuck all my macro gear together to see what I would get as a result - well first off I ended up with a really really long lens! I used a little pair of grabberclaws to hold the coin and my LED focusing light whilst the camera rested on the tabletop (way too long to use with a tripod, even with the MPE collar).

    Also I think my sensor might have some dust on it! ;)


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