To color select or not to color select!


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Jun 16, 2013
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A little back story, I am a U. S. Marine and my job just happens to be "combat photographer". So with that being said! Some of them believe that color select should not even be considered when in post production. Almost all of my leaders have degrees in photography and have gone to Syracuse for it and there is always a constant debate amongst us. "Color select" should it even be used? They feel that it is an very armature-ish technique. Any thoughts? I'm looking to rub whatever I can find in my Staff Sgts face. Haha


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I haven't seen a lot of images that I like it in.. and this one doesn't really do anything for me either.

However, there are exceptions. I have run across a few images where it was used well and sparingly, for a nice impact.
Personally, I have seen very few photos that it helps... possibly a dozen or so in my entire life. Most of the time it is an amateur with little knowledge playing with new software toys that will do it! Or the inevitable MWAC "PRO" with little knowledge and an entry level camera posting on facebook.

I too, feel it is a very amateurish technique! Not to be rude, but your image above is one of the worst examples I have seen... garish!
I am not a fan.
The best example I've ever seen was in Schindler's List. Many on-line versions have the section edited out but I think it is there on dvds.
A faint reddish color was used to pick out the appearance of a single child as she wandered in and out of houses during a long set of scenes where the German troops were cleaning out a Ghetto.
Well....... I guess it depends on target audience. Facebook peeps and non photographers seen to like it a lot.
Doesn't bother me in this case.

The problem I'm having is... I have no idea what I'm looking at. :lmao:

What is that?
Not sure if you actually took this picture or are using it as an example, but I pretty much concur with the doesn't spark my interest.
Well....... I guess it depends on target audience. Facebook peeps and non photographers seen to like it a lot.

Facebook peeps and non-photographers also seem to like bad over and underexposure, blue or green skin, and heads / hands / feet cut off! What does that say? lol!
I'm thinking separate these origamis and put these inline or curve or in any creative way to make you photo looks more appealing. Hope that help.
Like the others who've commented, it's very rare for me to see an image where I think selective coloring did something positive for it. In the vast majority of cases, it's not something I personally find appealing.

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