Took the C&C from my last post to try and get better shots. More C&C Please!

Thanks! Ill keep that in mind next time.
The 2nd is the most appealing out of them all. There are too many distractions in all the others. If you could get into the silouettes in #2 and get rid of those lights, it would make it better.
I prefer the one of the skyline; crisp, clear, busy LA!

The skies in the others are nice, but there's a LOT of distraction going on. I'd suggest cropping or just shooting tighter.
You were not given more specific C&C on a per image basis, because you posted way to many images.

You have to be considerate of how much time and effort it takes people to give you more than just broad, general feedback.

I also think the SPAM Flickr attaches to every photo should be deleted.

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