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    To the entire TPF family,

    Over the past several days, the admins and mods of this PHOTO forum have noticed a steady and shocking increase in overall animosity and childishness from the conversations we have been having and posting in. Because of this, I feel the need to make EVERYONE aware of the guidelines for this particular forum.

    1) No personal attacks. We have a standing tradition here at community is more of a family than a bunch of mysterious E-people. Because of this, we treat everyone with respect UNTIL they have shown us they arent deserving of said respect. We have seen alot of disrespectful talk here lately, and its going to stop.

    2) Critique is to only be offered if the original poster requests it, or the photo is placed in the CRITIQUE gallery. Thats the final say on this...please do not make harsh comments about pictures, unless asked for.

    3) IF you find yourself desiring to talk politics...DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE. from now on, there will be a total and instant lockdown on anything political. Sorry guys, take it to CNN.

    4) Please do your best to respect the people that have come in the past and people that are still here and making this place what it is today. Respect can be earned again even if you were having a bad day or felt the need to respond harshly to others' comments.

    Im going to lock this thread because none of this is up for debate. It is the word of TPF and all of the admins and mods.

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