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Aug 11, 2021
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Complicated, but there is an overall yellow cast to the whole image and that tends to flatten all the tonal range. What I did was remove some of the cast, increased the saturation and luminosity then isolated the BG to drop it down a notch which set the coat and shirt forward. For me, this creates more pop and visual interest...though, it may not for you.

The lovely thing about this medium is that everyone sees an image differently, thus my eye will not be the same as yours. My vision does not mean yours is wrong, or mine is right, it is just an opinion with an explanation.

I've left all my layers in the screen shot.

A higher key light and a very diffused backlight would likely achieve all the photoshop edits I've made to mimic the lighting.

Hi Chris,

I observe other tints, colours is your screenshot. Possibly, the conflictual
perception comes from the different colour engines used. All my gear is
colour corrected, from shooting to rendering through development so
that all my operation — dedicated to the publishing industry — is totally
integrated in terms of colour accuracy.

I have been adobe free since they started their subscription nonsense, I
found other high end solutions that fit the brief.

1, you're right about the relativity of perception. That is why it is crucial for
me to base my workflow on mathematics and strict profiling
2, these are shop window takes… who know what mix of lighting was used.

I too use a calibrated monitor that is incredibly accurate, screen to print and like you, I am shooting a D850 that is color balanced to my screen/print house. Mixed lighting sucks and it is why I rarely if ever shoot it, but for that matter, if I shoot, it's always natural light these days. Got out of the studio 25 years ago and am all the happier for it. Good shooting to you.

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