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Oct 21, 2007
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Orlando, FL
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the stump blends into the ground a bit too much. there isnt enough contrast between the two.
I see what you mean...
You can burn the ground and you'll be better off.
its interesting but i would have liked it if the stump was the main focal point instead of her shoes. i think her shoes are too different in color range than the rest of it, exp since the ground blends in with the tree. i like the tree the way it is, bascially just change the ground, imo.
i think it looks fine, there is contrast between the feet (the focal point of the image) and the stump/ground (the background) which is whats important... unless you wanted the feet and the stump to be your subject
id like to see a tighter crop
Per someones request, here is the image with the ground burned a little.

Yeah she thought so
The idea for the photo is lovely!
The framing is cute with only the stump and those little girl's feet.
And the edit "is it" now! :D
I also quite like the partial desaturation.
Thank you Sw1tchFX and LaFoto!

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