trying out new 430ex flash


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Oct 23, 2007
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just got a new canon 430ex flash his weekend

here are some test photo's with the flash that I took of my dogs
let me know what you think?






thanks in advance for your help
Looks like you're doin pretty good so far.
Bounced off the ceiling?
I just got the same flash too.
I'm blown away by how awesome my inside pictures are turning out.

Your pictures look good. I like the last one the best.
I'm learning to pay very close attention to what's in the background, ie. TV, tables, ect.... ;)
Looks like you're doin pretty good so far.
Bounced off the ceiling?

Yeah they were bounced off the ceiling

thanks for all the replies so far!!
atleast it lets me know that I am doing something right :)
This is the flash I have - it's okay but I soon found myself only ever using the manual settings and, like many Canon flashes, it doesn't have a sync terminal (I still find this difficult to believe - why Canon, why?) To be able to take your flash off the hot-shoe and sync it to your camera you'll need to buy an adaptor. So perhaps I should have bought a non-Canon manual flash.

That's not for everyone I know but there you have it. If you never intend to take your flash off the camera then fine. Nowadays when my flash is on my camera, I almost always use a flash-mounted light box. It's a very noticable gadget to have attached to you're camera when your pointing it at someone but it makes for a great light source. Plus I can easily take it on and off, fold it up and whack it in my back pocket (it's attached to the flash with velcro and folds up to the size of a small envelope).

Lovely dogs BTW.

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