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Feb 19, 2008
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All natural lighting (Outside between 5-6 p.m.) Very minimal editing. I generally don't take pictures with bright colors, so I was doing something a little different. Very minimal editing was done on these. C & C please!


Here are two more of similar nature:

Olivia on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Claire on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I like the other two images more than this one. I especially like the second, of the girl with the grapes. Although it's dark it seems to work well on that image.

Without a point of reference in the background it's hard to tell for sure, but this image appears to be shot at a slightly wide focal length, which in portraits of females is uncommon because it has a generally unflattering effect on the nose. What made you decide to take a wide photograph rather than a slightly more telephoto one (if indeed it is wide, as it seems to be)?
I can not change the lens on my camera - it is a point and shoot. I can understand what you are saying, I just don't have the option of a telephoto :D So I would also not know if it is "wide". I am just assuming it is some sort of zoom lens.
I understand. "Wide", at its simplest, really just means a focal length less than roughly 35mm. But, on a point and shoot camera, that pretty tricky to decipher. These results are really pretty good, especially out of a point and shoot. It shows that you probably know what you're doing better than most. I say move up to an SLR and lets see what you can do with a little more freedom! :)
dSLR is definately on the list, along with a full version of Photoshop. I am pretty poor right now, so I am patiently waiting at the time being, and working with what I have.

Thanks for the input :)

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