Two shots in Caravaggio, Italy


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Dec 16, 2014
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Legnano (ITALY)
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1, from the car:

2. the Castle of Pandino
I love that building! What is it?
I love that building! What is it?

The Castle of Pandino was raised by the Lord of Milan, Bernabò Visconti and his wife Beatrice Queen of the Scala, around 1335-1370 as a countryside manor for hunting, the big passion of Bernabò.

The building has the typical shape of castles of that age; square map with 4 corner towers, inner courtyard with cloister. On the outside there a lot of visible windows, one-hole windows on the lower floor (dedicated to servants) and two-hole windows on the upper floor (dedicated to nobles). The east side of the lower floor was originally open kinda like a cloister and was used for summer dinners (now is used as a public dinner space for the agricolture-school).

When builded, the castle was completely painted, even in the animal shelters (now used as city biblioteque). The Castle passed to the Sforza family and other nobles families. Now is property of the town of Pandino.

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