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Jul 19, 2007
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I couldn't resist taking a photo of this. It must be some pretty valuable toilet paper!! :wink:

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I am not going to lie I have stolen TP before.

Shame on you. :wink: Considering the price of TP these days, I suppose if push came to shove, I might help myself too. :lol:
I look at the pic and keep thinking of this :lol:

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I was out and about, stopped to pee and realized "oh! I'm out of TP..." Didnt want to go to the store.... Threw the roll in my purse.
working in the bush I have seen some interesting improvisations. Every once in a while you see someone missing a sleeve off their t-shirt at the end of the day.
I got a great visual with this. Thanks!!
You must have been to Walmart, too! :blushing:
Nice image. I think it's more about paying someone to clean up the john after some bozo clogs the bowl and flushes repeatedly. Happens in state parks around here all the time. Damn.........it's a conspiracy!!!!

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