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Sep 23, 2008
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Buffalo Grove, IL
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I am very surprised by the outcome of the spontaneous experiment I just did.

What do you think?


This is how it was done - webcam in front of the monitor - catching the reflection of the monitor's picture in the lens front element. The texture effect was from the camera - the pixel on the monitor intereference, I guess.

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holy moly, i totally forgot about ICQ! that takes me back 10 years! scarey!

forgotten here due to yahoo and MSN messengers, but for international IM, it is by far the most popular engine, with Skype catching up
what a sec, I googled max headroom and saw the striped background, so it's not about XL condoms, right?
Television programme somewhere in the mid 1980s. I'd have to google for it to see exact time period. Kim and I were married in 1981, and it was televised not long after that.

Futuristic comedy/drama. Lead actor played dual role, of a journalist (if I remember correctly) and a digital personality stuck in the ether. Maxx's head would pop up on various display terminals, commenting on the action. It was very creative for its time. Kim and I enjoyed it, so it didn't stay on the air long. :lol:

The lead actor's name is just escaping me... Matt something? Frewer?

I remember a recurring theme of independent rebels fighting against corporate monopoly. Not exactly a new idea, but it was pretty funny at times.

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