Used a blower to clean off D80 Sensor


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Oct 11, 2007
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Well I finally got the courage to clean my D80 "sensor" after reading up on it and hearing all the pros cons and scared photographers out there I went into the shop at Ritz, that guy was even a little hessitant to sell me the blower. I bought a a quantaray hurricane blower and as I locked up the shutter I looked down and saw that my sensor is behind a little piece of glass, so I ask why is everyone so afraid of damageing the sensor if it's sitting behind glass? I've had people tell me that if you use the wet cleaning kit you take a chance of scratching the sensor on a d80, I don't see how. But I used the blower and then blew out the back side of all my lenses and now when I take shots I don't get the dust there, or not that I've seen yet. I'd post an example but I havn't got a shot of the blue sky to compare with the shots of sensor dust due to weather lately. I'm not telling everyone with sensor dust to rush out and blow out the dust, but I would say do your research and I don't feel it's that big of a deal. In fact I almost would get the wet cleaning kit if it wearn't 22Bucks for 3 wipes. The blower only cost 7.99, it looks like a 99cent "bugger remover" like they use on babys with a hole in the back but gray.
if its behind the mirror, you did not use the MUP or miror up setting that lets you get to the sensor. you should be able to see it clearly.

And no, its not difficult to clean, the issue is that for every one person that can clean their own sensor, you will have 10 clumsy people try to clean it, and destroy their sensor in the process.

We are often the last to find out if we are in the 10 percentile or not... lol
You are right, the sensor has a protective surface, which isn't all that delicate. It would be possible to scratch that surface, which wouldn't be good...but with a little common's pretty easy to clean.
Because that glass is non-replaceable, and if you scratch that it's back to the servicing department with the camera. It's not the sensor that people damage it's the lowpass filter in front of it.

Congratulations on your successful clean but don't get too cocky. Maybe you had such luck because you were careful, but damaging the camera to the extent where it needs to go back for servicing is a very real risk.
Rocket blower got the multiple dust spots off my d80 sensor. I was happy to not have to wet clean it, but would have if I had to.

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