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May 15, 2011
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Do prices for used camera bodies usually drop once a new model is released (d700, 5d mkii, 7d, etc) or do they stay about the same?

I found a decent deal on a D700 specifically, but the D800 is supposed to be released Feb 7. Do you think D700 prices will drop once the D800 is out?
Sometimes. There are times when the price drops significantly, and there have even been times when the price has gone up. For instance, after the issues with the SB900, the SB800 actually went up in price.

It depends on how well the new item fits into the market. If the rumors about the specs of the D800 are accurate(and I hope they are not), I wouldn't expect it to do anything to the price of the D700. It might even make the price of the D700 go up, because based on the rumored specs, the D800 won't be a replacement for the D700. It will be a completely different market segment and Nikon would pretty much be discontinuing the D700 'line'.

I don't see the D700 dropping below $2000 for at least another year.
Yes, it'll drop, but not right away, at retail.

I think the prices may drop on lightly used ones on ebay though! Some folks just have to have the latest and greatest, so they sell their recent model at a loss just to help finance the latest one.
Do you think D700 prices will drop once the D800 is out?
Not significantly for clean, well cared for used D700's.

The price of used gear has a lot to do with it's condition, and the sellers circumstances. Some sellers can wait months for a buyer willing to pay their asking price, and some sellers need the money right now.

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