Valentines..C&C please


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Dec 17, 2008
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Posted here as i didn't get much response in the beginners section...Any C&C is appreciated, im learning as i go here. :blushing:

It all depends on what theme or visual effects you wanted to achieve.
Looks like the flash (I'm assuming) took a lot of the depth of the rose out on the top & LH petals. Also the strong white on the right and the deep shadow white on the left distract me from the subject.

Also DOF is confusing my eye, a few of the baby's breath heads are in focus, while the majority are OOF.

But I like the idea of it, just a little fine tuning is all :thumbup:
Thanks for the advice R9R. I agree with you on all accounts, thanks for bringing it to my attention . Oh well, that is what learning is all about right, back to the drawing board.

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