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Oct 16, 2012
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Rouge snapping turtle made it's way into my driveway. I think it was trying to lay eggs or find water. I moved it to a damper part of the compound.

I didn't want to get too close so I ended up missing the focus on a few.

snapper2 by runnah555, on Flickr

snapper1 by runnah555, on Flickr
Nice capture
I tried to get some of it snapping out, but didn't want to risking any digits.
Well, what kind of photographer ARE you, if you're not willing to risk a finger or two to get the action shot? :lmao:
I'm very disappointed, and I think you get some photojournalism demerits for that. :lol:

Love that first shot--that's one turtle I don't think *I'd* wanna mess with!
Good shots. As opposed to most of us here, he doesn't seem too amused by you.

Yeah it moved surprisingly fast for a turtle. For these shots I just put the camera on the ground and snapped away.
These are great shots, the turtle looks huge and old.

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