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View from the Shadow Mountains


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Aug 15, 2006
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I'm finding it a little hard to look at though as it feels ever so slightly over-exposed. It may well be my monitor though, could anyone else confirm?

Super subject though!

I'll confirm, it's your monitor.
on my screen it does not look overexposed at all.

nice scene!
Its perfectly exposed ,
realy liked this frame dude !
It's not necessarily overexposed, but the shadows are blocked up. If there is detail there is the neg/raw then I think you ought to work on pulling it out. If there is not, then I do believe it's overexposed. The white shrubs appear almost entirely in zone 8. As such, they're lacking detail. The mid-range detail is very nice here, but I think the shadows are problematic, and while you nailed the sky and background exposure, it leaves a little to be desired in the foreground highlights.
Thanks Max, Alex, D3, Lisa.

I just dikked with it too much. I liked the color version just fine (despite some minor composition issues- touching and stuff). I don't know why I messed with a conversion. Maybe I should take a day or something.

Here's the original color taken with a nikon 990, April 2000;

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