Wanting to buy new camera. Got ??


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Mar 4, 2012
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Yes I know it's old I have a Canon Rebel XSI, but I feel it has been great for me to learn the manual setting seeing how we didn't pay anything for it.
I and currently looking to upgrade an I would like to stick with a Canon. I do a lot of children, newborn, and family portraits. But also would like to get into wedding photography. My question is which Canon's should I look at?
I would say, it depends on what you want if to do. If you want it to do movies as well, then maybe look at something like a 60D, but if your not concerned about movies, then I would say look at a used 5D MkI. I got one off eBay 2 weeks ago for £500. Now, £500 for a full-frame camera that shoots great photos nearly all the time is a bargain. If you only have EF-S lenses, then you'll need to get at least one lens, but if you go for a 50mm f/1.8 II, you can pick these up on eBay for around £60-70. I'd say that combo would be fine for portrait's as a starting point.

If you've already purchased some extra lenses that aren't EF-S and just normal EF, then I'd definitely say go for a 5D MkI. If you only have EF-S lenses (and a lot of them) then yeah, look at something like a 60D.

(You'll have to do your own currency conversion if your not in the UK ;)) - (I assume your not as you referred to it as the XSI as apposed to the xxxD)
Learn your camera, and your upgrade after that may be some specific lenses
Used Canon 5D Classic for portrait,infant,family portraiture....YES....still a good camera...I am still shooting mine. It's quite adequate for all those things. The focusing system is a bit dodgy with SLOW lenses, but with f/2.8 or faster lenses and some skill, it's workable. For the money, it's a good imager. Coming from a Rebel XT, it's an upgrade. The reason it's so useful is that with the FF sensor and its angle of view, the 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8 EF lenses become HUGELY WORKABLE lenses indoors in low light, in ACTUAL homes, offices, churches, and in pubs, yards, stores, etc. The established "prime lens" lengths of 24mm, 35mm,50mm,85mm, and 135mm are all HUGELY WORKABLE on a this simple 5D Classic full-frame body; on a crop-sensor Canon with its 1.6x FOV loss, those same lenses are rubbish indoors...the 50mm on 1.6x is USELESS at under 10 feet. The 85mm is near-useless indoors on a 1.6x Canon, but on a full-frame Canon, the 85mm 1.8 EF is sharp, light, small, inconspicuous, and can shoot half-body portraits across the width of a two-car garage (camera-to-subject distance of 10 to 12 feet).

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