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Washout Question


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Apr 28, 2009
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New England
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I have a number of photos like this::thumbdown:


It looks dull and washed out. I'm not shooting with a hood, is this lens flare? Also, it's a kit lens, so do I just want a better lens?

I know that you're going to ask about the exposure settings, but I really can remember. Do you guys keep a notebook or something? How do you remember the settings? Is there a way to get the computer to tell me?

The sky is blown out, so I'm guessing it's just overexposed.

If you go to "My Computer" and click on the memory card, open it and see the picture, right click it (the pic you want the info of) and click properties.

It should be there.
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f/22, Shutter: 1/200, ISO 400, Focal length: 60mm
There is definitely significant lens flare. Most of the flare seems to be produced by the bright sky in the picture so a lens hood may not have helped much. Its possible that some of the hazyness was produced by aerial haze or moisture, but its hard to say.

Whether a different lens would help is very hard to say. Most kit lenses are rather good these days. Poor results are often due to less than perfectly clean lens surfaces and/or foolishly using a UV "protection" filter in such challenging situations.

The image also looks a bit light, either overexposed or misprocessed (either in-camera RAW to JPEG conversion or in post processing). Properly setting the levels to get a clean black and properly placed highlights could improve the image substantially.

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