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water fountain c&c please


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Jul 25, 2010
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I'm a noob.. And I can tell that this are simple shots..

2 looks like a lion waiting to eat his prey.. That's just me though xD
These aren't bad. One isn't anything special. But I think two is interesting. I like what you were trying to do. I don't think it work out like you would like but I definitely like the idea behind it.
1. The lighting is really harsh, so you lose detail in the parts that are blown out. (shoot at dawn or dusk with even lighting) You're aperture was too small. So, you're background is detailed and distracting. (The wider the aperture, the smaller the depth of field) But, there is opportunity for some nice color and texture. The composition is boring to me. It's centered and the top of the fountain is cut off. To me, it's kind of annoying that it's almost the whole fountain.

2. Good job playing with different exposures. That said, the only thing different is the exposure so everything else stands save to say that the background is less distracting and the design of the fountain is emphasized because of that. Here's what kind of goes through my mind when I look at it. I only have Picasa to edit things so...
Here is my take...

In Windows gallery, adjusted the contrast, brightness, saturation, and color
In photoshop elements, straighten, sharpness, cloned out the the hoses, and wires, cropped, and used a spotlight filter. 5-10 minutes of editing?

It's all subjective..... Good luck and keep shooting!


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