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Sep 2, 2009
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So i read a great guide by corrie white over @ diyphotography.com and i tried myself. And after 1000 exposures and alot of different water/drop mixtures this is what i've come up with.

Water with a lot of glycerin to make it thick and drops are made of coffee mixtured with gel-based theatrical blood.

As far as pp goes the heart is straightened, the string to the water surface is also thinned down and the top of the heart is pulled down a little.
And some normal pp including levels 'n such.

So, anyone do waterdrop photography much? would be great with some C&C

Awesome shot. I'd maybe adjust the shade of blue to be warmer somehow, might mess up the nice contrast too.. so not sure.

Great advice on the stuff to use, thanks for the tips - I still need to try this!
Really like the OPs photo. I've wanted to give this a go for a while. That guide is a good read also.
Nicely done! Have you thought of cloning out some of the odd droplets? Might look a bit cleaner.
I've only ever worked with plain tap water and colourful backgrounds to give off colours, and I've never thought of making my water very oily - that's a new idea you're giving me. I should try that. And I might go get myself food colours for once in order to create colourful droplets.
Thanks everyone, lots o thanks to corrie white otherwise I'd never try it :)

Have you thought of cloning out some of the odd droplets?
Ya i tried it when i cloned out oil-spots in the water, but in the end i kept them liked it better ^^
With a tiny bit of retouching work, this would make a FANTASTIC Valentine's Day card!!!

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