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Jan 10, 2012
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Greenville, SC
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The south of America is littered with closed textile mills. Recently a local mill has been renovated as an artist commune of sorts. That's the backdrop for the wedding I attended this past Saturday. Most of the mill is still open space, very stark. I brought the trusty old Nex 5n along with Helios 44m-7 and Zuiko 75-150 f4. Lighting was really really really bad to almost nonexistent. White balance was a royal pain for the lights that did exist were really orange blending with natural light. I have to start shooting grey cards. Anyways, here are a few shots from the wedding and then one from later that night when the wife and I hung out in our favorite tea shop.

Critiques welcome, feel free to edit any of these to your taste.

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And tea house portrait.

shots 3,4 and the last one are great, looks like you had a good time, looks like those little Sony interchangeable lens cameras really give DSLRs a run for their money :thumbup:
Sometimes I wish I could shoot over 3200 iso and have a large, usable image, but the ability to slap some amazing glass (like the Canon FD 50mm 1.4 or Helios 44m-7) onto the front for a fraction of the cost of a modern DSLR lens is what keeps me smiling. Granted those are manual focus but then that just keeps me on my toes and with focus peaking it's a bit easier. The holy grail would be a full frame mirror-less camera. maybe someday soon.
Yeah, but strong rumors of a full frame Nex camera are swirling.
Well that's only on the lower end models like the 5 and 3. It's stupid, but they do it to differentiate between "prosumer" and "consumer". It's one of my biggest beefs with Sony, but when it comes to just making images it's hard to ignore the 5 or 3s. The Sony 6 and 7 have a normal hotshoe flash.

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