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Jul 26, 2009
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I like the concept, but the dark corner draws my eye to too little of the dress.
My feeling when looking at this is that I want to have a bit less white on the left and more of the dress in the upper right corner to reward the attention it demands.
I didn't understand what is in the image. If it's the back of a wed. dress, it's too small to be perceived. BUT, I like the light and concept. Congrats...just more dress pls :)
I love this, though I do agree somewhat with the comments about seeing more of the dress. It is your shot and it works either way so I appreciate it. This is the kind of stuff that sets good wedding photogs apart from the average ones. Nice work. I bet the bride was very happy with it.
I really enjoy the vision you had here. If it were me, I would of added a little more of the dress on the right. Either way, well scene!

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