Weeds: The Final Chapter?

Doesn't really do anything for me. I don't really have any technical critique about it. I like much of your work on Flickr, this just doesn't seem up to snuff with your typical work. Just being honest. Maybe it works better in the context of a series? With your title, it makes me think you are doing a larger project involving weeds?
Yeah, I see that its the thirds.....but the post has no context of any joke when its by itself. Who knows if he is joking?
He's joking.

Or if you're so inclined, he's testing the weediness...:lol: Hope he wan't listening to his Walkman at the time...
This photo can be best described as "Meh."
It's funny how people actually take this seriously...
He was banned?


I was just going through my old pics and ran across this one, and had a good laugh.
Honestly, doesnt everybody have a picture of weeds from when they first got their camera?

Post 'em up!
Nah, I usually delete all my "trial-and-error" shots as soon as I've figured out whatever it is that I was trying to do. I don't get this business of posting the practice stuff. Unless I'm trying something and it just doesn't want to come together... well, then maybe. But rather than show my crap to the world, I'd want to show it to one or two senior photographers that I know, and let them diagnose what I'm doing wrong or not getting. On the other hand... lots of people seem to need to let the rest of the world know about their life's minutae and trivia - as if that makes them more "important"... Sorry. I'm starting to rant.:blushing:
From back in the day.......lol
OOOh, nice! The last to leave home...

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