Week 21|22 B&W Challenge: Gonna take a sentimental journey


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Jul 18, 2015
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This challenge will run until June 26, 2021.

The B&W Challenge is a fun thing, no competition and no prizes, this challenge will run for a period of two weeks. Please, only new photos taken during the duration of this challenge.

I've recently suffered a loss. Things we all have to face at times. I thought I wouldn't bring it up here, but then I thought - Art and expression are an outlet, so use it. I'm going to try to make photographs that evoke memories. Subjects, compositions, or just an overall feel. A forgotten toy, a father's watch. A young couple making new memories. Sky is the limit on this one. Black and white is perfect for this.
Spent the past weekend at friend Larry's farm. Sunday afternoon with still a half roll in the Minolta and your challenge in mind, spotted hasty fixups that reminded me of my father's busy days in our family business that kept us sheltered and fed.


nails work for now, screws later


tight enough


putty around here somewhere, nails hold for now. Oh, theres those leftover staples I couldn't find last week.

my sympathy zulu
Dad's handsaw. It hangs inside the door of my inside tool cabinet and clangs hello every time I open it. He built us as I remember five homes with this saw.


A bit off theme, but my boy laborously made me the "DAD" sign from a scrap of siding using a hammer and screwdriver (and probably part of a thumb) as a Fathers' Day gift some 35 years ago. It has been hanging in my workshop areas since.
AC & F

Case & Morlite
Case & Morlite.png

If anyone is offended by the Nazi coin, I surely apologize. I mean no disrespect to anyone's heritage or ethnicity. I placed it there with the AC & F lost tool tag because the company was on Hitler's list of sites he wanted bombed and destroyed. It is a local company ( Berwick, Pennsylvania at the time of this tag's use ) that was producing Stuart tanks during the second WW. Here is a youtube video about the Berwick connection

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