Week 44|45 B&W Challenge: Night


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Jul 18, 2015
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This challenge will run until November 13, 2021. Sorry for being late with this one!

The B&W Challenge is a fun thing, no competition and no prizes, this challenge will run for a period of two weeks. Please, only new photos taken during the duration of this challenge.

Darkness falls on the next challenge: Night. Let's see what happens when sunlight no longer dominates the frame. Architecture or street shooting or long exposure or light painting or stars. Can't stay awake? shoot "night" related subjects during the day! Knight shots are also acceptable.
I shot a 120 roll . What a mess but here is one image from the wife yelling at me with toner use. I will miss gf

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The building was shot in broad daylight, it's the negative so it feels like night.

Feel free to use the night theme broadly!
Lovely shot I really like it. B&W, monochrome, colorized B&W, split tone, we're not strict in this B&W challenge thread, but regular color images get booted!
I just made this deadline! It's 6am on Nov 13th in New Zealand and I just saw this challenge. Luckily I've been playing with my newly converted infrared Sony A7R.
Here's a shot from near my home just outside the city of Auckland. I've shot this decaying silo a number of times over the years and stopped to shoot it this time to evaluate a 850nm infrared filter on my Laowa 105mm STF lens. The STF lens uses an extra rotating dial to smooth the out of focus areas making the sharply focused subject pop if there's sufficient separation between them. The day was actually a bit overcast and even where the sky was visible through the clouds; it was not very blue. However, the full spectrum infrared and the 850nm filter has created a nice shot without too much blackness in the sky. I think it looks kinda cotton candy soft behind the silo. Removing the internal filters of the Sony results in a big leap in light sensitivity. Often, even with these opaque filters attached, the exposure is around 1/2000 at f2.8 allowing hand held shooting with telephoto lenses.

The Old Silo by Michael J Breen, on Flickr

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