Weird Angle at night


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Dec 24, 2005
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I am not sure how well this one works...

This is a good shot, i just looked through your entire flickr and i really enjoy your style of photography, especially all the urban shots.
i like how the green contrasts with the orange and how there is no star around the light in the green but around all the lights in the orange.
I just checked out your flickr too. You've got an amazing eye for photography, your pictures have a soul. Oh, and I like this photo too.
mind sharing your setup? any use of filters to create the starbursts in the lamps?
Nope, no filters.

Sometimes I might put on a ND filter to get a LONGER exposure, but

usually not.

the stars come from the aperature range I usually shoot in.

and they usually affect bare lights that are at a distance. So you can control it to some degree. Sometimes Im not in the star mod and Ill shoot everything
tighter and more open lik 5.6 or something vs f16
the starburst almost make them look like windmills... i love the way the colors fit well together. its simple but exciting.

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