Wet feet


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Apr 4, 2006
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SF California
VERY cool!! I can tell from the few posts of yours that I've seen so far that I'm gonna be adding your name to the list of posters I most look forward to seeing their shots.
15 mm fish eye on center. the barrel effect fixed on left and right edge.
This location on the beach is very hard to get too.
No reason for getting on the bridge,Had a vision that day, that vison was to make people wonder how it was created.
well it looks like digital art to me, please correct me if I am wrong., as you tag suggests, its all good ...but I think you should give some sort of explanation as to the creation methods in the posts., so we are more educated., and can make intelligent comments.
I'm not taking sides here...but I see where Ray is going.
You say that you take photos and enhance them, but to me the last couple shots I've seen have been altered, not just enhanced.
Again, it's another neat shot with a cool concept, but not everyone would know that PS was used to manipulate the images. There are a lot of young and inexperienced photogs on this forum ;)
digitalstudio said:
Define digital art??? I take pictures and enhance them in photoshop.

Ok, I am sure you know what I mean, cool game. I like your efforts, and respect your talent. I enhance my work also, mainly to improve the shot to a more life like and interesting finished product., Your work is very impressive digital creativity. Thanks for sharing!
Now that's a cool image! :thumbup:

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