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What do you think of this PP?


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Jan 17, 2010
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New Zealand
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Ive had a couple weeks off from shooting to give me a chance to take stock and reflect on what I have achieved so far (plus the weather has been total crap) and just wind down for a bit....relax, ahhhhhhhh.

I did shoot twice though (addicted much?) and I had a play with an image that I kind of liked, processed it as I normally would, but at the end of the day it bored me, its too colour busy and also too busy in general I feel.

So I processed it a little differently than I would have to see if I could improve a mediocre shot and add some artistic merit post perhaps.

This is what I ended up with.


Versus the original stock PP.


Now I know a whole lot of folks here do not like selective colouring, so for those I will explain why I did it.
1: because I can
2: because I wanted too
3: I wanted to declutter the shot a little and focus on the 3 basic colours and I felt the natural colour of the butterfly does not work with the flowers.
4: I was under the influence of ......ok lets just stop right there :sexywink: and dont even ask!!!

I agree with sovietdoc. I think the background is actually more distracting in B&W, as the light green highlights have become white blotches.
I favor the original myself also. I have no problem with hand coloring I do it from time to time myself but here there is no real need to do so. I understand judging from you post you just wanted to do it and that's fine, but think the original is better.
I think everything in b&w except the butterfly (in those wild colours) would look better. It's kinda weird how it's done at the moment.
Thanks for the feedback.

Fokker I did try what you suggested but I really dont think it worked all that well in this case, too much clutter.
no moar selekt1v3 c0l0ri/\/g.

original is superb.
nice work.
I prefer the original, full-color image as well.
I like the original as well.

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