what is bokeh?


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Oct 29, 2007
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I recently submitted a post and received a response advising that some lenses with a faster aperture have 8 blades rather than 6, providing a smoother bokeh..what exactly is bokeh?
Do the 'blades' refer to the pieces of metal that close/open to provide the function of aperture itself..
Bokeh is the word for the out of focus portion of the picture
behind the subject of your photograph. Usually it is little round
balls of light and color.
I had a similar question when I was deciding which lens to buy...several reviews were talking about bokeh.

If you do a google/yahoo search you'll find sufficient information....and probably even some samples showing different types of bokeh.
A direct quote found online:

"Bokeh describes the out of focus quality of a camera lens. A point that is out of focus will normally be a soft, uniformly dense, circle. Different lens systems produce elipsis or hexagons and different distributions of light across the shape."

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