What is the best thumbnail organizer out there?


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Sep 29, 2006
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I have all my photos on 852 CD/DVD Roms (and counting). I have each disk numbered and in disk binders with each sleeve numbered. Now I want to create a thumbnail index. I have tried ThumbsPlus 7, but it is geared more to hard drives. It has a a folder called Offline CD Roms but I could only ever get the first CD to "stick" in there. The rest, it saves my thumbnails somewhere but I can't find them unless I assign keywords to every photo. Sure that is fine for the "Christmas 2008" disk (I can select all and assign that keyword), but for the disk that has random photos, assigning keywords takes more time than I have. I would like to browse my photos, right click on a thumbnail and be able to easily see what CD/DVD Rom disk # that photo is on. Photoshop has something like this but I have PS 7 and if there happens to be an exe file on the CD Rom (some of mine do) with photos, PS 7 will crash and will not create the thumbnails. It does not seem to have an option to only scan jpgs and gifs. Any help out there is appreciated. Thank you

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