What kind of art is this? Dunno


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Oct 15, 2010
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Itchy lol just being silly sorry:) just had to say it :)
Bodypainting. Is that the word you are looking for?
closaret is my medication, jackiejay...Turned me into a creative photographer (if I am really one). It's a kind of medication for those who are 'helpless'. Just telling you..YOu misinterpreted it.
That be body painting art... to state the obvious.

Definitely goes hand in hand with photography I would think. Cause after sitting there all that time I sure as heck would want someone capturing it on "film" before it all gets washed off at the end of the day!

I didnt misinterpreted and I wasnt being smart or makeing fun I was makeing light as my post stated being silly Im am learning and really realized from reading other post and the way peaple react to others on here and youre statement that I should not of posted that statement.Im sorry dumb me.Wont happen again.:)
I apologize jackiejay. Paranoia seeped in....closaret...
Its okay:) apology accepted alls forgotten:)

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