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Jan 23, 2012
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hey i was wondering if anyone could help me out.. i cant decide what camera to buy right now im between the nikon d7100 or 600 or the canon 70d or 6d or the 7d Mark II when it comes out well if it does.. do you know if it really is? I mainly shoot in low light places live bands and stuff. i want to get into portraits too. i do like having gps since i travel a lot so thats a plus and i would like to get more into video
can you plz help me out?
also does anyone know if ibcart is a legit safe website?
also last thing ive read the rumors about the 7d mark II coming out in march of 2014 does anyone know if it will have a swivel screen one rumor is its touch screen which i dont care for but i do like the swivel screen
Hi suppyx,

if you plan to shoot video, I would get the D7100. It is the only camera on your list without a moire problem (crawling, colored lines on complex patterned objects such as brickwork, shingled roofs and patterned clothing). See the shimmering lines on the bricks on the left side of the tunnel in the 70D sample below:

The moire from the 6D and the D600 is worse. And the D7100 is available right now, unlike the 70D or the notional 7D Mark II.

Hope this is helpful,

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6D, I LOVE IT. The built in Wi-FI is AWESOME. Great EOS app that lets you do multiple things with the camera while being off the camera! No need to tether to lightroom. Instant gallery and image transferring. Built in GPS allows you to geo tag as you travel and photograph. These are really nice features that attracted me besides the full sensor. I use a 24-105 F4 L lens with it. Great combo together. I shoot outdoors a lot. Having a the splash proof body and a weather proof L lens makes it a great work horse camera.

I shoot LOTS of video with my 6D as well. Here is a clip. a mix of 6D, 60D and Sony. Mostly 6D footage from my camera.

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I have to agree. The moire on the 6D is sometimes just disgustingly bad. For some reason, though, the D600 handles it better.

If you're going to be shooting lots of video, I might wait for the 70D. It has a swiveling screen as well as a new autofocus that allows for focusing during video recording.
this is a tough one for me... i really do want the gps but i know you can buy a gps which would be fine and i do like the swivel screen too...does anyone know about that website?

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