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Aug 19, 2003
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there is a question about the male anatomy that nobody has been able to answer as yet:
It's so transgendered males don't have to get nipple implants too... I mean, they gotta get the jewels removed and breast implants.. keeps things easier.
I think they are there to encourage interaction between boys and girls ie. Foreplay/procreation/relationships
(put least important last in this list)! :lol:

If you see an updated or modified version of something you already have, you want to play with it and see what it does don't you???? Well...you girls have better ones than us and that creates an interest; Meaning that we want to be your best friend so we can play with yours ('cause they're better).

Otherwise we'd sit there watching footy, girls would just go shopping and the world population would go into freefall!!! End of civilization as we know it!!!

So...The boy nipples serve a purpose!! :)
well, all i can say is that it seems the purpose for males nipples is for a sexual reason... fair enough! :idea: i guess that the cliche "women can do 2 things at once" relates to the topic of multi- purpose nipples- for feeding etc and sexual stimulation/ foreplay?
HOORAY! :cheer:
it is because the nipples develop before the sex of the baby is determined. sorry for getting too scientific and all for this topic but hey, now you know the real reason!!

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