What to use to insert tags in RAW photos? - Batch tag-keyword photos.


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Jul 31, 2008
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Hi All, I am back with few more question, our project for having a webased program to share all our pictures is coming along and we decided to go with open source php 4images, I've been customizing and working the program and we are doing great so far BUT, no is the time when I need a program that can insert tags or keywords for our photos.

This is the problem, we have our photo database, but 80% of the photos do not have tags or keywords, now 4images let me look by keywords, but I have to edit the pictures to insert keywords or tags, and when I do so, for instance if I do it in bridge, I can only see the tags and keyword in bridge, it will not go for any other program.

Is there a program (affordable-remember company is going open source 'cause of money) that would allow me to insert keywords in the actual picture by batch and then take it with the picture to any program you open the picture with?

Please help.


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