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Jun 8, 2009
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When you utilize long term exposure and use 1 light, run around a subject say a cabin and light it and with a flash light. I am poor and this is what it's come to for me to start lighting things.

I have had some cool pics done with this technique with just a single light. I have made things look like they have been lit by at least 4-6 different lights. If I could post attachments I would.

I have never heard of this and am sure I did not figure it out first. Just wondering what the name of it is so I can start looking at what others have done.

If I could post attachments I would.
The only way to do that here is to be a paying member.

There are still other ways to post pictures though.

You need to host them somewhere (Flickr and Photobucket are popular) and link to it. It would look like this:

You can also use the gallery we have here. Click on that little zero by where it says 'My Gallery' under your user name/avatar/post count, and all that stuff. That will take you to your gallery - you can upload pictures there.
Yeah I hear ya, I did some light paintingin my basement on a rainy day with glowsticks hah, was actually pretty cool made a tornado of light go around me, and also, had a ball of light in my hand. Pretty cool lol.
Like Km said it's a called painted light (or light painting) and the principle has been around for as long as there's been the marriage of cameras and artificial light.

Try playing around with light painting with a q-beam... wicked potential.

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