When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes


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Nov 5, 2010
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I took most of the day off to work on smoke photography, I think sooner or later I will have it figured out. In the meantime, apparently, there are quite a few beautiful women hidden inside the smoke filled world...let me show you....

Slim Silhouette

Pretty Legs

The Bride tosses her Bouquet

Oh, Carmen Miranda!

A Little Labour of Love

Elizabeth Taylor


What a Dress she's Wearing!

Sexy in Satin
That's cool.
No gels... I did set a light in other locations for a different group and that smoke was gray/white. So with these, mostly just some sharpening and NR in LR with a bit of brushing here and there for dodge and burn, but Elizabeth Taylor did get some color sliders to bring out the yellow in her dress. These were with an 85mm, on a 7D at various settings. The lighting was a single stobe that I fashioned a bit of a snoot for at 45 degrees behind the smoke, left. A white reflector was used to the right.

Glad you like them!
You dont need a gel. This can easily be made colorful. I think you should experiment a little bit on PS Georgie.
That's the plan! I don't have what I want to use yet though....
I dont know.. the pretty legs one has a lot of potential. I really want to edit it LOL.
Hopefully I didnt ruin your photo too bad. LOL..

I see there is alot that we can do with this one!
Remember.. you can cheat a little with liquify tool. But really, it really does look like a pair of sexy legs like the title you suggested. Awesome shot. I really need to do one.
That's cool Schwetty. Great idea for a rainy day. I can't wait to give these a shot.
Just be careful...my breathing and my chest are just starting to feel better today...I will not do this without a mask again, nor will I do it in such a large time block. I breathed in too much incense, and I am paying for it dearly.

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