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Aug 11, 2013
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So I been traveling a lot with family and the pictures that we are taking suck, we have a point and shoot camera 15 mp and the pictures are not great, we saw my brother d3100 pictures this weekend and pics were good (pretty good) compared with out point and shoot camera... So Im not a photographer nor I like taking pics of random things to sell them, I just want a camera to take great pics of kids, family and vacation. I have around $1500 on best buy gift card so I want to get the best for my money.

So far i think i want a nikon i been looking at their DX format cameras, 3100/3200 , 5100/5200 and the 7000/7100... I will be taking pictures in parks, beaches, restaurants, etc.... I went to best buy and the first thing i noticed was the weight difference between the 7000/7100 and the others.. Which i read online is because they are made out of metal, so it will handle falls and abuse better than the other, also it has some kind of weather protection if i remember correctly, this in my mind is a good thing since i can take it to the beach (thing i do alot in our boat)... Like i said im not a photographer but im willing to learn... Also sometimes i have my mom take pictures of me and my wife, so i need something that its not super hard to take pictures on, like its auto focus must be good =), also im confused if i go the 7 series router which one to get.. People say that the 7100 is better but because it has higher megapixel it will show more my bad skills and lenses flaws... but not sure how true/false that is... I like that the 7100 allows me to plug a wireless adapter to it, to send pics to my phone, and allows me to remote shot with it... Thanks in advance =)
Watch reviews of various cameras on YouTube. Its not the brand but the model of camera you get. You want to know what functions make it different from other models. Digital Rev TV has GREAT videos on camera reviews. Maybe you want to check out some of the mirror-less cameras out there. Olympus and Sony make some really decent ones within your budget.
1500$ ?

Easy...........get the Nikon D7100 best current available camera in your price range.
With its kit lens 18-105mm you are looking at 1300$ so that leaves you enough cash to get the 50mm 1.8 prime lens or close to get a tele zoom lens.

I love my D7100 simply an awesome camera!!!

Another camera you can consider is the Canon 70D which will be available in few weeks, all we know on this camera is just its specs but not how it compares to the Nikon D7100 in real life.
The 70D is probably a very capable camera but just from reading the specs I think it is focused more at take video then picture taking while the D7100 focuses at picture taking but it also is a very capable video camera.
Also the D7100 should be cheaper then the D7100 for at least in the first few months of the 70D arrival.

I would go with the D7100 but as I said the 70D is probably also a very good capable camera.

Higher MP shows your flaws ?

All current Nikon modern range of cameras D3200, D5200 and D7100 is same MP count (24MP).
All these camera will show equally your mistakes which is wonderful because this way you can learn from these mistakes and improve your picture taking skills, what you want is not a camera that will cover your mistakes, you need improve your mistakes and thus get better pictures.
Grab any DSLR by any maker put it in AUTO mode and you will get good results, all current modern DSLR's are good picture taking machines.
You should master the camera by first knowing ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed and then continue to learn and evolve getting better and better in time.

Get the D7100!!! :heart:
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$1500.00 Best Buy Gift Card?

Simple, get the Nikon D7100.

The D7100 is Nikon's Enthusist Flagship model. Now it does have a learning curb. Example, it doesn't have the consumer modes found on the more amateur models like Landscape and Portrait modes. It does have an Auto mode but it tends to select the flash in all lowlight conditions. So you will need to learn how to shoot in M, A, S, P modes. I recommend keeping it in Auto ISO starting out as well.

As for abuse, I'm not sure about the body being made of metal but I wouldn't consider it all that robust and avoid dropping it. If you think the D7100 is solid, pick up a Nikon D300. It's a solid robust Semi-Professional camera and I wouldn't want to drop it either.

One word of caution on the lines of abuse, the kit lens (18-105) uses a plastic mount and is known for breaking. So don't hold the camera up by the lens and look to upgrade to something better as time permits.
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