White BMW


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Feb 17, 2012
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WB looks a little off, and frankly they just kind of look like photos someone would post on craigslist trying to sell it. In my opinion car photos are super boring unless they have some kind of cool backdrop.
What would have worked well here would be some more artistic shots, try low down looking up, maybe a close shot along the side of the car blurring out the end of the car.
Heres a small edit I did with one...
Yeah, just looks like some car shots from a local show. getting low and close will help you hide a lot of the distractions in the background not to mention helping with the shot itself. most are just to high up. just looks like you walked up, looked down at the wheel and hit the button. i'd take your own car or car of a friends thats nice and go out to somewhere private and just start looking at the car, finding the angles, the lines of the car and practice.

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