White Rose


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Feb 17, 2012
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Your biggest problem is that the photo is flat. Take a look at a histogram for the photo and you'll see that the highlight end of the histogram falls too short of the right corner of the graph. It's a white rose in the sun and those petals need to be brighter.

The color's close but a little off -- it's a bit yellow. The rose wasn't pure white but rather a tad creamy.

It's sharp where it's in focus but it could use more DOF. You took the photo at f/5.6 whereas f/8 or even f/11 may have been better for the increase in DOF. Here's a tone adjustment (Levels) to correct the contrast and I also tweaked the color.


One more thing; you uploaded the photo tagged with the Adobe RGB colorspace. That can result in a percentage of viewers seeing the color incorrectly. When you upload photos to the web make sure and convert them to the sRGB colorspace.


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