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Why have 15 SLR's


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Dec 19, 2007
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Tomorrow my 15th big SLR will arrive by Royal Mail.

Now these aren't little 35mm toy cameras these are real SLRs, taking plates or sheet film, and tomorrow's is a Half Plate Marion Soho Reflex, made by Kershaw, there are four double sided plate holders, taking 6½" x 4¾" plates or film, and a case. No lens the person giving me the camera acquired it for the Cooke knuckleduster soft focus portrait lens, these are worth thousands.

Here's a smaller 5x4 version, note these are SLR cameras with movements, swing, tilt, as well as rise & fall:




So far I have various Thornton Pickard Ruby Relex cameras 6x9 roll film up to a pair of 5x4s.

3 Houghton Pressman camerars one branded ICA, two Houghton Ensign Reflexes - one branded Dallmeyer Press. Then there's a Montor 9x12, a post-card sized Graflex, and more. I need to take stock.

35mm gear Exactata/Exa 3

Praktina 2 FX with a Biogon, Tessar & Sonnar

Pentax at least 5 Spotmatics, an SV and S1a

K mount maybe 7 Pentax and two Chinon CE-4

Leica M3 & IIIa

Fed & Zorki numerous with excellent lenses.

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In answer to your original question, why not?
Only 15, I guess it's because you're keen on keeping some space around you, but cash & availability could be more temporary factors :)

Although I have 29 film SLRs, the largest is a quarter plate Thornton Pickard Ruby Reflex and it's the only one that would be called big. The remainder are 35mm or right down to 110. Even with my more limited range finding space to keep it is a major issue.

Many of my cameras have been brought more for the bundled lens than for the camera itself, but sadly I've not got anything like a Cooke knukleduster but I've still managed several where the lenses have more value than the bundle.

I'm yet to score a biogon or Lecia as well
Then there is my collection, I lost count after around 2000. I can only guess by counting bankers boxes. Just brought home 14 more customer giveaways. Plus just got 3 more 8mm movie projectors. 😲

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