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Oct 19, 2005
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glendale, ca
im the beer specialist at the local whole foods and im getting in to wine because its always nice to know so i picked up a bottle of Chateauneuf de pape....crazy french wine....and decided to try and light that bastard up so it looks good. after an hour of fail i decided to use candle light. first with a tungsten lamp and candle, then it switched to a dark room, candle light, and a lighter for my evil doings. this is the progression of events:


tungsten, candle, and yes, thats a beach towel for a background.
because i like to party.


had tones of problems with having the lighter exposed in the final product.
these are 30 second exposures by the way.
i call this one the "flamin moe"


getting better, but my arm was reflecting light so i decided to wrap a black shirt around me arm.


If you were to use a mask on your light you could have toned down those highlights some. With out the extra highlights and had you thinned down the main one on the bottle, this would have been a much better image.

Something else to try also is to cut out of white cardboard an exact shape of the bottle and prop it behind the bottle. This will help reflect light back through the bottle, living up the glass a bit.

You are almost there... although I can understand how hard it is to make look good... it is French after all and not good Oregon wine. ;)

.....................i dont have photoshop. sorry. and this is my first bev advertisement. thanks for the info though. im going to crack open another brother thelo.

northco brew for the win.
Uh, nothing I suggested had anything to do with Photoshop. I was talking about physically working with your lights. It's much better if you can get it looking good before it goes into the image editor.

the towel or mircrofiber blanket or whatever kind of ruins it for me

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